Explore Wild Frontiers

Explore Wild Frontiers

You are a bush loving, camping, outdoorsy kind a guy/girl who needs to ignite the fire in your adventurous soul. It’s your turn to explore the wild frontiers, getting ready to share nature with the creatures around the bush, mountain, river, ocean… Life is better with a campfire, adventure and adrenaline part of the journey. Adrenaline in high doses.Lots of ticks on your bucket list.   


HAVE you:

-walked with Desert Elephant in the Huarosib River at Purros, or lazed in the cool waters of the Okavango Delta with a herd of elephant crossing the river a mere thirty meters away?

-slept in a hiking tent on an island in the Delta with Hippo grazing next to your pillow or sat on a cliff in Botswana while a few elephants gently walked the dry river bed below? 

-had a very close encounter with a Puffadder in the Kaudom, or a roaming hyena in Maroela Camp in the Kruger?

-frightened a buffalo resting under a Mashatu tree, while cycling around the Mopanis and fairy forests in Mashatu?

DID you:

visit Dooie Vlei in Sossusvlei while a thunderstorm was raging against your 4x4 or, witnessed the mother cheetah teaching her two cubs to stalk, chase and kill a Springbuck in Kgalagadi?

-float in a hot air balloon across the Namib in the early hours of the day or encountered a Cape Cobra on your way back from the ablution in Mata Mata?


-once, heard the melancholic cry of Mahem in the musky morning light in Hwange National Park.

-sailed the ocean in a dhow in Mozambique or contemplated the Sani Pass in Lesotho amidst snowflakes falling.

WAS that:

-your teeth clattering on the bridge at Vic Falls before plunging 111 metres down with a Bungee rope around the ankles?

-you tumbling down the snowy slopes of Tiffendell like Humpty Dumpty?

Been there, done that and some more…. KUDOS to you!


Holidays, glorious holidays. For some it will mean a time of relaxing, taking things easy and lots of “me” time. For others it is a time for challenges and new adventure. Whichever it is, you won’t leave home without a few essentials like sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, passport, appropriate wear for the activities you plan – and your wedding/engagement ring. You are supposed to have a carefree time with lots of goodness for your body and soul and not worry about a thing, right?

Wrong! It might not be risk-free! For your precious band of commitment, the going may get tough and if you do not bear a few do’s and dont's in mind, you may regret the decision to get outdoors.


  • Jewelry takes little space in your bag but are precious and expensive. Your finger might not be the safest place for a huge diamond when walking the streets, it might draw the attention of a criminal or lone ranger. Nor, is the shiny one save in a hotel safe. Minimise the risk. Take less expensive jewelry so you need not worry about losing or damaging your precious piece of jewelry. An Orbit Silicone Ring might be the perfect affordable and durable replacement. It’s funky, it’s modern, it’s stylish, it’s lightweight and convenient.
  • Chlorine in pool water and sun screens on the beach might tarnish and discolour the metals and gemstones in jewelry. Touching weird and wonderful things are part of exploring your environment while playing explorer. Orbit Silicone Rings are waterproof, resistant to damage, stains, odours, degradation and pressure with the ability to not harden, crack, peel, crumble, dry out, rot or become brittle over time.
  • Sand, rocks, bicycle handles, ropes or various adventurous activities might scratch your metal ring or loosen the stones. Or, the sand on the beachside might swallow your valued piece and leave you in tears and your insurance guy not too happy with you. With a Silicone Ring you need not worry. No stones to be lost. No digging for rings in the sand.


  • In temperatures of 40+ degrees in the Namib or Kalahari, hot and sunny times on the beach or hiking in the Karoo or Kruger, your fingers might swell, leaving you with uncomfortable and tight metal rings squeezing the life out of you. Or nasty rashes, allergies and bacteria might lessen the euphoria of your expedition. Silicone Rings are flexible, stretchy, hygienic, non-toxic, bio-compatible and hypoallergenic with antibacterial, breathable and non-porous properties. It is comfortable, Ultra-violet (UV) resistant and can withstand a maximum temperature of +300˚C.
  • While admiring the awesome views on snowy mountain slopes, or facing the Atlantic's ice-cold waters your Orbit Silicone Ring will withstand a minimum temperature of -55˚C. It is ozone (rain, sleet, snow) and Ultra-violet (UV) resistant. Silicone does not conduct heat or cold and fits snugly under your gloves. Metal rings + gloves + sub-zero temperatures + strenuous activity doesn’t mix well as you’ll probably end up with frostbite or lose your metal ring.
  • Ring related injuries might haunt you while partaking in adrenaline-filled adventures and escapades. Metal rings might easily catch on rough edges and sharp objects with devastating results. Your Silicone Ring is designed with anti-ring avulsion technology and will stretch up to breaking point when caught. It withstands a lot of pressure before safely snapping leaving your finger intact and unharmed. No stress to avoid the loss of a finger.


Your adventure awaits, we keep it simple and assist in supplying durable, safe, sleek, stylish, functional and affordable accessories. Enjoy your love and commitment while on an adventure without the stress of losing your beloved wedding band.

Be equipped to explore wild frontiers…. Seek adventure…. Treasure the momentsEvery day is an adventure – enjoy the journey!



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