Saved by the Ring

Saved by the Ring

Your wedding ring is meaningful, it sends the right message and carry a deep symbolism of love and commitment. You prefer to never take it off, especially at your workplace. But, it can be very dangerous and it is time to rethink things for safety reasons.


It is important for your work and quality of life to PROTECT your fingers and hands. There are horrific stories of work-related hand injuries and employees ending up in emergency rooms. These types of injuries might be related to wearing traditional wedding rings, with awful consequences like damage to fingers or loss of fingers. Workers miss work, the quality of their work and life may deteriorate or worse – they may loose their jobs altogether. The cost of these types of injuries, illnesses and absenteeism to industry is estimated in millions of dollars each year.

INCIDENTS can happen anywhere, at any time.


  • tripped and your ring caught on a wire, knob, handle or protruding item.
  • grabbed a sharp or moving object with spiked or jagged edges accidently. Your metal ring got caught.
  • touched a hot item or surface. Your metal ring conducts heat with severe burns as result. gripped a tool. Your metal ring cuts into your flesh.
  • got your finger caught between or underneath heavy objects, with possible ring-avulsion. A-V-U-L-S-I-O-N. A forcible separation or detachment, pulling or tearing away. Pictures of this sort of injury is not for sensitive viewers.
  • got your skin coming in contact with a chemical or caustic material, causing dermatitis, skin disorders or burns. 


  • You are using a milling machine, or any other moving equipment or power tool, your metal ring gets caught and you cut your fingers off.
  • You jump off an elevated object, your metal ring gets caught and you amputate your ring finger.
  • You work with electricity or truck batteries and your metal ring (metal conducts electricity and heat) makes contact with the electric current causing electrocution or severe burns.

If this happened to you once, it is one time too many. DON'T TEMP FATE! 

These injuries can be avoided by adhering to suggestions in the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and Safety Policies at your workplace. It is important to protect your fingers and hands.


Keep the following preventative measures in mind:


  • Stay alert and focused.
  • Follow work practices and safety procedures.
  • Be aware of risks and hazards.
  • Use tools/machinery/equipment in the correct way. Keep safety guards on them in place. Check tools/machines/equipment for proper working order.
  • Keep your hands/fingers away from sharp edges, protruding objects, moving parts.
  • Wear protective gloves as part of your PPE.
  • Do not wear metal rings or bangles.
  • Wear your Orbit Silicone Wedding Band. Silicone wedding bands are trendy, stylish and funky while being the latest and greatest safety innovation to wear in your workplace.

Orbit Silicone Rings are made from quality food grade silicone, with the following BENEFITS:

Silicone does not conduct electricity, heat or cold and with anti-ring avulsion technology will stretch up to breaking point when caught, to keep your fingers safe in any unfortunate situation.

Silicone is hygienic, bio-compatible and hypoallergenic with antibacterial, breathable and non-porous properties to be worn at the workplace, sports and adventure arena or caregiving environments. This will keep your fingers, yourself and those around you safe and free from scratches.

Silicone is economic and durable. Resistant to damage, stains, odours, degradation and pressure. These rings will not react to chemicals in your workplace and is non-toxic. 

Silicone is super lightweight, convenient and comfortable because it is flexible, waterproof and  perfect to wear with gloves, swelling of fingers or other medical conditions.          

     Always Assess the Risks — STOP and Think!
       No Reason not to show your commitment and keep your fingers intact


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