Selecting The Correct Ring Size First time

Selecting The Correct Ring Size First time

Whether you’re purchasing an engagement ring for a loved one or just fancy obtaining some new jewellery, then determining the correct ring size is essential. Failing to achieve this could result in the ring not fitting comfortably or securely, and it could cost you even more money to increase or decrease its size. Needless to say, it’s much more ideal getting the correct ring size the first time rather than the second. 

Things to consider before selecting a ring size 

Before you solely determine a ring size, you need to think about some vital considerations. These include:

  • Environment and activity – Before selecting a ring size, you need to think about the environment and activity of the ring-wearer. For instance, temperature, pregnancy, and diet can all impact your fingers width. If you or the person you’re gifting the ring to experience fluctuations in finger width because of these reasons, you may need to go larger or wait until they’re not in this state anymore. 

  • Finger shape – Something else you need to consider is finger shape. All fingers come in all shapes and sizes, which impacts your ring size. For instance, some fingers may get wider towards the bottom. Therefore, you’ll need to purchase a tapered ring based on your ring size. 

  • Band width – Another thing to consider is band width. This is because a size six thick banned ring will have a much snugger fit than a thin banned size 6. 

  • International sizing – Around the globe, many countries use different ring sizing. Very confusing, I know. However, you’re able to see an extremely detailed comparison table on our website here. 

  • When to measure a finger – Lastly, you should also carefully measure a finger at the right time. As mentioned, fingers change sizes all the time, and it’s completely normal. This is because warm weather makes our fingers swell, and colder weather shrinks them. So, an ideal temperature will be something you’re naturally adapted to. For example, if you live in a hot country, measuring your finger while hot is fine as you usually experience this type of temperature.

  • How to measure your ring size 

    There are numerous ways in which you’re able to measure your ring size. Some are better than others, but all are pretty simple to implement. The two ways to measure your ring size is either through the ruler or paper method. 

    If you want to find detailed how-to guides for each of these methods, consider checking out this page. Here we detail how to implement these methods correctly to ensure you select the correct ring size. 

    If you’re struggling to find a ring suitable for your needs within our collection, contact us for a customised ring. On the other end is a helpful and professional advisor who’s eager to help you find your dream-like ring. 


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