Ceramic has been used throughout history to design and make jewelry that is different, stylish and modern. Advances in technology improve the quality of Ceramic available for making rings that are harder and more durable. Titanium Carbide is used to make ceramic for use in jewelry. It consists of metal titanium combined with carbon atoms and heated to form ceramic. The best of both worlds - as lightweight as Titanium, but as hard and scratch-resistant as Tungsten. It will hold its shine, lustre and polished look without the colour fading like that of plated and anodized metals.

These rings are hard-wearing, resistant of staining or dents and incredibly low maintenance. It can resist rough wear and exposure but, because of the hardness it might shatter or crack when dropped from a height onto a hard surface. Excellent for people with sensitive skin or skin conditions because it is hypoallergenic and without metal alloys that might contain allergens like cobalt or nickle. A ring that contains no undesirable elements in its composition. It makes for the perfect ring for everyday wear because of its resistance to heat , colour fastness and durability.

 Perfect wedding bands for busy people who do not have the time to maintain, replate or polish their jewlery pieces every now and then. A damp cloth or warm soapy water will keep your ring perfectly shiny and lustrous for years to come.

Our designers create unique and versatile ceramic rings by pairing it with other materials like Titanium, Tungsten or Wood. If you want something different or new, enhance the smooth polished look with setting gemstones in the ring or finish it off with a textured or brushed look, Ceramic is the way to go. Create a masterpiece or make a statement with your classic lustrous or funky modern Ceramic ring.


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