Caring for Rings

Take it off:

  1. Sporty Activities: like swimming (Cold water might shrink your fingers, Chlorinated water might react with the metals and cause fading, erosion, rust, colour changes and even structural changes), holding a racket, bat or golfing club, riding a bicycle, lifting weights, mountaineering, etc (might scratch, bend, deform, crack or chip your ring and loosen, bend or break the setting or prongs holding the stone/s).

  2. Gardening: holding a spade or working with your hands in sand/pebbles/compost/chemicals might damage the metal, settings or stone/s.

  3. Cleaning house: doing dishes, washing clothes or using chemicals and cleansers might stain, fade, scratch, erode the alloys, dull the finish on the ring or harm your more porous stones.

  4. Hygiene: cleaning your hands or body with harsh soap, sanitizers, chemicals, acetone might stain, tarnish, fade or making it appear dull

  5. Electricity and heat: metal rings are conductors of electricity, it might totally destroy your ring (and your finger for that matter)

  6. Cooking: foods, oils, heat can leave a film or stain on your ring and affect the luster and brightness

  7. Working with machinery, tools: you might bend, crack, shatter, chip your ring and injure your finger/hand

  8. Working with diesel, petrol, paraffin, paint strippers, thinners: might react with the metal / resin/wood/silicone and stain, fade, erode the finish


Keep it safe:

  1. If you'll be taking your jewelry off to do the activities above, make sure you have a safe place to store it.

  2. Keep It Free From Lotion, Sunscreen And Perfume.

  3. Never leave your jewelry on your lap (in the car), on the counter, desk, washbasin, bath, table in a restaurant, bathroom in a hotel., coffee table, locker at the gym - Put it in your handbag or safe.

  4. Have Your setting, mounting and clasps checked regularly - most jewelers recommend every six months.

  5. Metals like Rose and White gold needs maintaining on a regular base

  6. Silver and Titanium will scratch and get that worn, vintage look. Your jeweler will maintain these for you.

  7. Always put your jewelry in the same safe spot. Do not leave it where ever you take it off - sure way to loose it.

  8. Be careful if working in cold water with your hands, your rings may slip off your finger.

  9. Be careful if working with oily substances, your rings may slip off your finger.

  10. Be careful if working or cleaning your jewelry in a basin with an open drain - always plug the drain

  11. Be careful not to drop your jewelry, or knock it against hard surfaces, neither put it under pressure - it might chip, crack, shatter or break. The harder the material (think diamond, Tungsten) the more brittle it becomes. These stand up to normal wear and tear, but is not indestructible under extreme force.

  12. Store your jewelry away from heat and sunlight in lined jewelry boxes and tarnish resistant pouches.

Keep It Clean.

  1. Most jewelry can be cleaned with mild soap(like a gentle dish detergent)and a soft cloth

  2. If you need to brush the settings/mountings, engravings do so carefully with a soft brush

  3. Rinse in clean water

  4. Gently pat it dry or leave on a towel (in a safe place) to dry

  5. Most jewelry stores will professionally clean your jewelry

  6. Pearls need to be cleaned by a professional

  7. Silver-polishing cloths will clean your silver jewelry and keep it from tarnishing

  8. Be careful with silver polishing or dipping liquids and ultrasonic cleaning


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