Tungsten Carbide rings are the latest in funky and trendy friendship, lifestyle or wedding rings.

A rare metal that is extremely hard and more scratch-resistant than other metals like Titanium, Silver or Gold. It will hold its shine and polished look. These rings will not tarnish or rust, neither fade or develop a patina. Comfortable and hypoallergenic as an affordable and durable alternative to your usual metals (gold, silver, titanium) as it is wear-resistant. Can be shattered with force applied (by using vice grip pliers) to it in emergency situations. Tungsten Carbide rings can shatter on impact, a safety property that prevent more serious injuries if your finger should catch in something like a car door.

Tungsten carbide is a chemical compound that is formed when tungsten and carbide powders are forged or brazed together at 1400 - 2000˚C (the highest melting point for any metal) by using a metal binder, like nickel. A process called sintering is used to form this compound into tools, jewelry, machinery, armor-piercing rounds and even the ball tips of ball-point pens!

Tungsten carbide (registering 9) is one of the hardest materials in the world, second to diamonds, which rank 10 on the Mohs scale. This means that Tungsten can be scratched only by diamonds, a material that scores higher on the Mohs scale., and by Tungsten itself. The attributes ‘forever polished’ and “most durable” is given to Tungsten due to the fact that the surface of the metal keeps that polished look free from scratches and marks. But extreme hardness paired with brittleness in Tungsten means that it might crack, chip or break when dropped on a hard surface or put under enough pressure, just like a diamond, which is the hardest material in the world.


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