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$275.00 $480.00 -43% OFF

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Love is in the air! Eternal Love in the Circle of Life. 

Shower your loved one with an eternity ring to commemorate your special moments and the love you share. Whether for your first anniversary (to remind her of the promises you made on your wedding day to love till death do us part!); or for the birth of your first child, to remind her and yourself,  that your eternal love is now shared by that cute little baby. Signify the importance of such an occasion and confirm your relationship with this special gesture.  You could also seal a dear friendship with the eternity ring to signify a friendship and appreciation for the special moments you have shared and will still share in future. Enjoy the moments until eternity. 

The Eternity (or sometimes called Infinity ring) was conceptualized by De Beer's in 1960. It consists of a continuous line of identically cut stones (mostly Diamonds or Moissanites). The Full Eternity Ring is set with stones all the way round, while Half Eternity has got stones on the face of the ring only. 

The Amabel 925 Sterling Silver Half Eternity ring features D color 1.5mm Moissanite VVS1 Stones set in a 2mm silver band.  (Also available in V shape)


Size: 4 - 9 (inclucing half sizes)

Metal: 925 Sterling Sliver

Stone: Moissanite

Delivery: 9 - 14 business days.

You get diamonds rings that are not just beautiful and timeless, but they also go a little way to reducing your ecological footprint.

Getting a wedding ring made with moissanite is a great way to preserve the environment whilst knowing that you're getting the same quality of gem as those found in precious metals.

Your moissanite ring will last up to 8 times longer than that of a diamond or other jewelry and won’t react to many things like other materials do.

Why Moissanite Wedding Rings? Moissanite rings are a great alternative to diamond rings because they are more affordable, hypoallergenic, durable, and have higher clarity. We offer these benefits in the form of a beautiful ring that we guarantee will not fade or tarnish.



Moissanite Rings, is a unique gemstone described by some as the world’s most brilliant gemstone. A forever stone, with dazzling fire, brilliance, and durability, it registers 9.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Hard enough to withstand damage and wear over the long-term. Diamonds score 10 on the hardness scale, and Rubies and Sapphires 9.

It looks remarkably like a diamond but is far rarer than diamonds, and ridiculously small (1.5mm or smaller) in its natural form, as it is mostly found at meteorite impact sites. Because of this rarity, very few people would be able to pay the price for this gem. Moissanite used in jewelry is mostly lab-created, with all the same qualities found in the natural form.

Moissanite is not a fake diamond or a replica/imitation of a diamond, although the clarity, colour and hardness resemble that of a diamond. It is an amazingly beautiful stone with a high refractive index and is more sparkly or fiery, than a diamond. Meaning that a Moissanite stone will produce more colourful rainbow-like sparkles when light refracts from the stone. Natural Moissanite has a very faint yellow tinge, while the lab created varieties are colourless or near colourless. Only trained jewellers will be able to tell the difference.

Diamonds are measured in carats and Moissanites in mms. A Moissanite stone weighs a little less than a diamond of the same size, that is why a diamond of say 6.5mm will be 1.0ct while a Moissanite of 6.5mm will be approximately 0.88ct.

Our Moissanite rings are certified by the Global Gemological Research Association, upholding the highest standard of quality. A team of qualified and experienced gemologists will provide reliable and accurate services to test and certify our moissanite stones.


Unique rings

The beauty of Moissanite rings make them an excellent choice for those seeking unique rings that resist the harsh wear of diamonds.


Moissanite Rings are much more affordable than other rings of the same quality so you spend more money on things that matter.


A better diamond substitute. They are durable, more affordable, and will never lose their luster.


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